The Rules For Advertising At Mugwumps Online

Please be considerate in sending your ad. This is a free service, and your cooperation in submitting properly formatted ads will ensure that they will be posted promptly (usually the same day received). Ads not properly formatted (capital letters where appropriate, proper information, punctuation, etc.) may be returned or ignored. Mugwumps Online Classified Ads are run on an honor system; if you are selling your personal instruments (up to a maximum of 3 per year) there is no charge for the listing. But if you are buying and selling for profit, or listing more than 3 instruments per year, you are subject to the "frequent flier" fee -- you know who you are. It seems only fair that if you materially benefit from the service, that you share some of the expense. Thanks for your interest and cooperation.

  1. Non-commercial, individual classified ads for acoustic musical instruments and related items are free. We are not against other instruments, but there are sites that offer ad space for them. We specialize in what we know.
  2. Ads must include your real name & email address. We suggest you include a phone number.
  3. Ads should be limited to approx. 200 characters (25-30 words). Describe the instrument succinctly and accurately.
  4. All instruments in "For Sale" ads must be priced. We will not list your "Auction" or "Best offer" for this reason.
  5. Ebay or other auctions will only rarely be listed. They are too much work for so little time, plus if we started, the auction listings would overwhelm us and obscure the real sales.
  6. "Wanted" ads must be specific.
  7. We reserve the right to edit or refuse ads as we deem appropriate.
  8. Don't use all capitals or all lower case -- we just have to retype it -- and we don't like typing! Do type it as you want it to appear, with proper punctuation, spacing, and capitalization. Include your real name and email address.
  9. Photos are free if you have somewhere to post them so we only have to point to them.
  10. If Mugwumps Online is to post the pictures, there is a $5 per picture charge. We will do minor editing at no charge.
  11. Frequent fliers, those with several ads running serially or concurrently, or on a regular basis, will be charged $5 per instrument listed. Picture charges are additional and as above.
  12. Dealer and commercial classifieds are available. Email for information about display advertising.

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